10 Reasons Why These Shoes Are On Every Healthcare Worker's 2023 Wishlist ūüéČ

By Elena Cooper | January 22nd, 2023 | 11:35 am EST

1 in 3 medical worker will experience foot pain, which will eventually take away their mobility and freedom ‚ÄĒ However, a breakthrough orthopedic shoe, noted by Harvard University, is helping people beat the statistics and even avoid foot surgery.

1. Easy To Clean

Orthoconfortable shoes are composed of a lightweight breathable materia composed of a synthetic "Ortho-Wear" material. Cleaning them is as simple  as wiping them down with a damp cloth. However, wild stains, such as blood and urine can be challenging to remove at times. Luckily, the orthoconfortable shoes are machine-washable !

If you follow these instructions, your shoes will stay away from bacteria and odors.

2. Slip-Resistant Traction Grip

One of the major job hazards for nurses is trips, slips, and falls . You could sustain a major injury if you fall on a hard hospital floor. This is why it's critical to purchase slip-resistant work shoes, which will significantly lower your risk of sliding or falling at the workplace.

The Ortho Stretch Cushion Shoes has a strong rubber slip-resistant traction grip  that will keep you stable on your feet regardless of any liquid on the floor.

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  • Reduces Foot Pain & Inflammation

  • Relieves Your Foot & Arch Pain From Plantar Fasciitis

  • Work Up To 12 Hours Pain-Free

  • Cloud-Like Comfort & Lightweight Material

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Orthoconfortable‚ĄĘ - Chaussures Ergonomiques 2.0

Ortho Stretch Cushion Shoes

3. Comfortable For Whole 12-Hour Shifts

Walk up to 12 hours with ZERO foot pain. The bottom of the shoe is as comfortable as walking on a cloud, featuring a proprietary blend of cushiony soft material that is both soft and durable. 

The snug compression material and Ortho-Wear insole used in the Ortho Stretch Shoes  provides a cloud-like comfort that helps melt the foot pain away fast. It's the perfect orthopedic shoes for those long 12 hour shifts.

4. Good Arch Support

Our shoes include premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support to realign the foot and body, reducing discomfort from the toes to the heels, knees, hips, and lower back.

This shoe surpassed my wildest expectations! ‚ÄúThe best work shoes I've ever had period! I work long hours standing and out of all of the brand-name shoes that I've tried, nothing compares to the comfort that these shoes bring..‚ÄĚ - Jenny G.

5. Helps With Plantar Fasciitis & Bunions

Live Pain Free! The premium orthotic insoles and arch support treat common foot pain, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bone spurs, fallen arches, neuropathy and more.

The Ortho-Wear insole improve your alignment and posture for natural comfort and a healthier body. 

6. 3x More Lightweight Than Any Other Shoe

The appeal of lightweight shoes is simple: they provide superior running performance and a more easy sensation. Carrying less weight on your feet can reduce your energy expenditure while also improving your form and biomechanics.

Our shoes are perfect for women who have jobs that require them to always be on their feet. Conserving energy is important during long 12 hour shifts.

7. Wide Toe-Box For Wide Feet & Bunions

This orthopedic shoe features a wide toe box that provides ample room for the toes to move and spread naturally. This design can help reduce pressure and discomfort in the toe area, making it ideal for individuals with conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, or other foot issues that require extra room.

8. Doctor-Recommended Shoes!

Experts of the industry have been praising our shoes for the last couple of months. Many have recommended us to their elder patients.

One special advocate for the Ortho Stretch Shoes is a senior woman that worked as a Nurse in Texas for over 40 years, Jennifer Emerson.

 "My pain started 10 years ago. I used to suffer for days, sometimes weeks. Foot pain really makes your life much more difficult. I would wake up during the middle of the night due to my foot pain. Then, the headaches started... I tried all the alternative treatments. Physical therapy. Acupuncture. Vitamins. Supplements. I WISH Orthoconfortable was around back then..."

100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee 

We're so confident that you'll love your ComfortWear shoes, we offer a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied, simply let us know and we'll happily refund your purchase.

10. Over 251,732 Happy Healthcare Workers and Counting!

Over 251,732 satisfied healthcare workers enjoy our orthopedic shoes because they have experienced firsthand the benefits of the shoes' superior support, cushioning, and cloud-like comfort.

How To Get The Best Results For Your Feet At The Best Price Possible! (And FREE Shipping!) 

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Simply follow these steps: 

Step 1: Order your Ortho Stretch Cushion Shoes today to secure 45% OFF (while stock lasts). 

Step 2: Within 8-10 days, your shoes will arrive on your doorstep. Slip your painful feet into the shoes and give it a couple of days to let your feet get used to the shoes. 

Step 3: Wear your Ortho Stretch Cushion Shoes all day for lasting relief, support, and improved recovery. Enjoy the cloud-like comfort. 

Helpful Hint: If you have a loved one suffering from foot pain, you can give them this as a gift. The gift of pain relief, mobility, and freedom. They also deserve feel like they're young again.

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